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The ever-changing world of books: writing, publishing and being discovered

The book world is changing. More books are being published than ever before. Independent booksellers are becoming popular again. Borders is long gone. Amazon is the elephant in the room. Sales of e-books have peaked, and prices for e-books from New York publishers are fetching top dollar. Readership is down, book discovery tools are expanding. Books are now apps, and apps are now books. E-books have videos, and some paper novels have gone graphic. Confused? Don’t be.

Northern California Publishers & Authors is here supporting authors, indie publishers, self-publishers, and the publishing industry in the expansive region of Northern California. Want answers to your self-publishing questions? Want to connect with experienced, publishing professionals? Come to one of our monthly meetings. Seeking recognition for your recently published book? Enter our book contest. Need a speaker for your event? Look over a list of authors who can speak at your meeting, conference, or luncheon.  Need access to resources, articles and publishing tips? Join our professional network of authors and publishers.

We invite you to explore. Join us, so we can help you with your questions about publishing, becoming an author, the craft of writing, editing, layout, book cover design, ISBNs, CreateSpace, IngramSpark, audio books, print-on-demand publishing, literary agents, distributors, printing, marketing – even how to sign your books when they hit the market.

ENTRY CLOSED FOR 2019 PUBLISHED BOOKS but 2020 Book Competition coming soon 

Same rules will apply for 2020's 27th book entries, BUT NEED TO BE UPDATED.      Click here for details     


 Awards BANQUET RESCHEDULED  to 27 SEP 2020 due to Covid-19

26th (2019) Annual PUBLISHED BOOKS & 1st year Anthology Risk-Takers AWARDS BANQUET 

*5pm-9pm SUN 27 SEPTEMBER 2020* (Changed from 26 April due to Coronavirus


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Due to Coronavirus, October meeting is CANCELED

Click here for details

* Unless things change, we'll be switching NCPA Thu night meetings to *

* 2pm-5pm'ish * 2nd Sunday of each month * LOCATION TBD :

We won't know, until things start opening, where we'll settle. 

Will report here as soon as we find out.


Due to Coronavirus, October meeting is CANCELED

NO Guest Speakers . . . just chit chat and other fun and/or informative, but mundane, writing stuff

Click here for details

3rd Wednesday of each month, 12:00N-2:00pm @ Denny's  3520 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 

Members: visit our NCPA Discussion Forum!

                     Read the discussions and share information about writing and publishing.                      Tell us about your latest book or accomplishment.

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Anticipated launch date for both: 6 December 2020    

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  • *NCPA 26th ANNUAL BOOK AWARDS BANQUET * RESCHEDULED TO: 5pm-9pm Sunday 27 SEPTEMBER 2020 ~ Cherry Island Golf Course, Elverta CA EVERYONE WELCOME ~ Buffet Tickets $30 each * Purchase tickets at * Ticket DEADLINE Sun 13 September 2020. Find more info on website **** 2020 NCPA Anthology : DESTINATION: The World, Vol 1 & Vol 2 ~ Entry DEADLINE 30 JUN 2020 ** Must be a current NCPA member to enter ($40/year) More info on main page of website




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