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2015 Awards Competition Now Open

t's that time of year again. It's time to enter that great book you wrote and published this year in the annual Book Awards Competion.

You can enter by going to our store here and selecting the book entry "product," completing the required information, and paying using credit card or your PayPal account. Or you can download the 2015 Entry Form, fill it out, print, sign, and mail with four copies of your book to the address given.

The entry fee is $57/book this year. To enter a book in the Design/Layout category costs an additional $25.

The contest is only open to members in good standing.

Click to read the rules online.

Click to download the rules. pdf icon

Click to download the entry form. pdf icon

December Meeting
December 13, 2014

Potluck/Networking Meeting
No guest speaker

Please bring a dish for the potluck.


Meetings are held at:

Emeritus at Citrus Gardens
7418 Stock Ranch Road (near Greenback & Sylvan)
Citrus Heights, CA 95621

Meetings are held in the "Sun Terrace" room on the third floor, NOT the first floor room we have been using for the past several years.

To get to the third floor room, take the elevator that is to the left of the front desk. The Sun Terrace room is across the hallway from the elevator. Look for signs or someone to greet you and point you in the right direction.

Here are some photos (provided by our Communications Director, Ken Umbach) to help orient you (click to enlarge).

Elevator to Sun Terrace
Elevator to Sun Terrace
Sun Terrace - view 1
Sun Terrace - view 1
Sun Terrace - view 2
Sun Terrace - view 2

Map and directions to Emeritus


NEW- 2105 Anthology

Showcase Your Writing

The 2015 NCPA Anthology Project Seeks
Your Creative Contribution

Deadline Monday, December 13, 2014

Send us your writing. No gimmicks. No contests. No fees.

We want to showcase the writing of our members -- and in so doing, practice the art and the business that leads to publishing excellence.

If you are a member, just write. If you are not a member, join and write.

Your submissions will go through the normal publishing process: acquisition, contract, editing, proofing, publication, and marketing.

The submission guidelines are provided below, or click here to download a PDF version.

Submission Guidelines & Information

  1. Northern California Publishers and Authors (NCPA) will publish an anthology of members’ work; the anticipated public release date of the book will be in April of 2015.

  2. The deadline for the receipt of member submissions is Monday, December 13, 2014.

  3. Our goal is to showcase and bring public exposure to our members’ work, so we will accept a wide range of materials – both fiction and non-fiction content – on any theme or topic.

  4. Almost all genres and forms are acceptable, for example, short stories, essays, non-fiction articles, travelogues, columns, op-ed pieces, self-help, children’s stories, and poetry.

  5. The project is designed to be a learning experience beginning at the writing end, during the editing process, and to the publishing culmination.

  6. We will do our best to ensure that all member submissions are published. However, editors reserve the right to reject manuscripts that they consider “not-publishable.”

  7. We reserve the right to reject manuscripts that do not meet local community standards for decency. Also we are not accepting manuscripts in the general genre of erotica. While we do not shy away from controversy, we also reserve the right to reject manuscripts that would cause harm or threaten the safety of any particular person or group of people.

  8. Your content must be your own creation, for which you own the rights and for which you agree to extend to NCPA the right to publish in a variety of media.

  9. There is no cost for you to participate or to be published.

  10. However, you must be an NCPA member before your content will be accepted and published.

  11. E-mail submissions to NCPA Past President Ted Witt at: As an alternative, you may also submit a flash drive with your content in person at any NCPA monthly meeting. The subject line of your e-mail should state: “Submission for NCPA Anthology.”

  12. Content must be submitted as an attachment in Microsoft Word format, capable of being edited and manipulated.

  13. Submissions should be of a length succinct and appropriate to your story. We expect that most stories will be between 1,000 and 3,000 words. Poetry usually will be fewer words.

  14. Your manuscript should include a right-side header with your name, your e-mail address, your telephone number, and the number of words contained in your manuscript.

  15. The Chicago Manual of Style will serve as the standard for all issues regarding grammar, punctuation, usage, and style.

  16. By submitting your work, you are agreeing to participate in traditional publishing tasks, including the editing of your work by editors, dialogue with an editor, your approval of final changes, and proofreading PDF galleys of your work.

  17. Before your work is published, you will be presented with a simple two-page contract giving limited publishing rights for Pretty Road Press, who will be the publisher of record on behalf of NCPA.

  18. No remuneration will be offered, and no royalties will be paid. Profits from the printed book, if any, will go to NCPA.

  19.  During the publishing process, authors will be asked to submit biographies, photographs and other materials pertinent to the marketing of the book.

  20. All authors who are published in print will receive two free copies of the anthology. Additional copies can be purchased at a wholesale price.

  21. Members who want to volunteer and learn new skills at the same time are encouraged to contact Ted Witt (TedWitt@PrettyRoadPress) to be involved in the project with editing, layout, design, manufacturing, and marketing.


December Meeting Minutes Available

The minutes from the November 8 meeting are now available to read on our Meeting Minutes webpage or you can download them as a PDF.


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